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Got stomach ache? Eat curd, says new study

The study argued that curd made of milk from a pure Indian cow breed contains useful bacteria species which can fight Aflatoxin B1 that is toxic and can cause stomach ache. Most of us like to eat curd, which is not just good to taste but also helps in digestion and keeps the skin healthy.

Beware of food poisoning: In this food, we should prefer not!

Health risks: What foods you should not eat better Nausea, abdominal pain can be diarrhea and vomiting: food poisoning is very unpleasant. Certain foods pose a special health risk. An expert explains which foods should not be consumed. Food poisoning can have different causes There are generally different causes of food poisoning: “on The one

This Food Is Way More Likely Than Any Other To Make You Sick

When food poisoning strikes, we’re quick to point the finger at the suspicious chicken pad thai we had the night before. But more often than not, the culprit is actually a totally different ingredient: eggs. “Eggs are a brilliant food but you can assume the shell is carrying salmonella,” Lydia Buchtmann, spokesperson for the Food

E Coli Outbreak Connected To Arizona Lettuce Sees First Death

An unidentified person in California is the first fatality connected to this year’s outbreak. The 2018 E Coli outbreak connected to tainted romaine lettuce has claimed its first death: a California resident. As the Washington Post reports, no further information about the person – their sex or age, for example – has been provided as