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Coronavirus vs flu: Will the flu make coronavirus MORE deadly?

Coronavirus was initially underestimated as a threat when the first few pockets of infection emerged in China last year. Many international governments did not foresee the eventual calamity, leading it to catch them by surprise with deadly consequences. Now authorities have effectively adjusted to COVID-19, it would seem as if a similar scenario is unlikely

Breast cancer drug can delay progress of prostate cancer

Trials found that prostate cancer in men who had taken olaparib took more than seven months to progress. In comparison it progressed after three and a half months in men who received just hormone treatments. Considered kinder than chemotherapy, final results from the trial should lead to the drug’s approval for prostate cancer treatment in

Coronavirus outbreak: How to prevent coronavirus

The Coronavirus causes a type of pneumonia and its symptoms include fever and difficulty in breathing, which are similar to many other respiratory diseases. The official infection total, as of January 20, is 291. How to prevent coronavirus The virus is in the same viral family as SARS and MERS, which killed a combined total

Flu season 2019: When is flu season this year? When does it end?

Flu season is a natural annual occurrence characterised by frequent outbreaks of several different strains of the influenza virus. The season comes during dry, cold weather, which hampers the immune system and allows viruses to spread and multiply with ease. While the first few cases start to appear in October, there is an official projected

Flu jab symptoms: Can the flu jab give you a cold?

Flu season 2019 starts in autumn and winter every year, as colder conditions weaken immune system defences and bolster virus replication. Many people will contract a nasty strain of the virus, which will pass with time. Other people may have a compromised immune system making it difficult to fight off the flu, and require a