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Shorter people at higher risk of type-2 diabetes, study finds

Type-2 diabetes symptoms could be reduced by making one simple breakfast swap Type-2 diabetes symptoms: Eating this food could reduce blood sugar levels Type-2 diabetes prevention: Eating this vegetable could help to lower blood sugar Longer leg length was also associated with a lower risk of diabetes, researchers said. Source: Read Full Article

High blood pressure: the blood pressure without medication

Why it’s worth it to hold out of good intentions in hypertension Eat healthier, reduce weight, exercise more and give up Smoking – this is probably the most common resolutions made for the new year. For many people it remains, however, when you Make. The implementation of these resolutions can lead to better health and

The study proved that fasting is actually effective!

A fasting study confirms a number of positive effects The largest study of this kind is evidenced by the numerous positive health effects, which can cause the fasting cure. At over 1,400 Participating the health effects of the healing were documented fasting. The Doctors were able to show, that a clinical, almost program is a