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Higher BMI may lower your mental, physical health

The study explored the aspects of physical health such as body weight, heart health and blood pressure to see whether a wide range of individuals with poorer physical health went on to be less happy and less satisfied with their lives or not. There is a growing need to prevent obesity as a new study

Maternal exposure to pollen ups risk of asthma in babies

Babies who were born to mothers who were exposed to pollen during the last trimester were found to be at increased risk of developing respiratory diseases says a study. However, the study did not suggest that all babies born during high pollen seasons would develop the disease. Babies born to mothers who got exposed to

Rising global temperatures likely to up heat-related deaths: Study

The results, appearing in the journal Climatic Change, is based on historical data on temperature-related deaths from 451 locations in 23 countries with different socio-economic and climatic conditions. Countries need to keep global temperatures in check by meeting the goals set out in the Paris Agreement, or more people could die because of extreme temperatures,

Sleep deprivation can make you more lonely, study finds

A study from the University of California, Berkeley says sleep problems are related to loneliness; sleep deprivation apparently makes people more lonely. In order to arrive at the result, 18 young adults were tested in two different scenarios. Finding it difficult to sleep is a problem faced by many. But did you know that sleep

Eat walnuts to ward off diabetes risk

A new study states that consuming walnuts may halve the risk of developing Type-two diabetes. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants apart from that consuming half a cup of walnut water can help protect the digestive system. Consuming walnuts — rich in antioxidants — may nearly halve the risk of developing Type-2 diabetes compared to those

Decoded: How eating red meat affects your heart

It has long been established that saturated fats found in red meat is one major cause of heart arteries block. Tick bites could trigger the allergic reaction to red meat and spread the sensitivity to the allergen among people. Researchers have found a link between an allergen found in red meat and the build-up of