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Is lack of sleep disrupting your fertility?

Getting enough high quality sleep isn’t just good for your general health; it’s also great for your fertility. By Dr Anubha Singh According to the findings done by Philips annual global survey, lack of sleep is something over 30 percent of Indians struggle with and it only gets worse for patients dealing with the stress

Preventive and essential health checks for women

We present to you some pivotal health checks of women across all age groups so that your health risks are minimised “70 percent of the serious health issues that a woman gets in her later ages is actually preventable provided she goes for regular health check-ups,” said Dr Manisha Ranjan, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, Motherhood

How moms-to-be can take care of themselves this winter

Although the weather varies from city to city, for pregnant women, there are some common precautions that ought to be taken By Dr Aruna Muralidhar The winter chill, coupled with the current COVID-19 situation, may cause a lot of anxiety and concern for the care of pregnant women. There is anyway a general anxiety about

Simple things you can do at home to keep your heart healthy

Learn the warning signs of a heart attack. Early intervention can be life-saving in cardiac emergencies The different phases of lockdown and unlock have negatively affected our regular routine. While the younger generation is keeping busy working from home and squeezing in some exercises between quick breaks, the elderly population is feeling the pressure of

Here’s why you should drink tamarind or imli juice

For those looking to lose some weight, tamarind juice is ideal. It is has mild diuretic properties Most Indians love the taste of tamarind. As such, it is available in many kitchens around the country. While India is culturally vivid and different, tamarind is one of the few things that is known to bring food

DIY guide: How to make natural homemade Holi colours for kids

Earlier, the colours of holi were created from blooming spring flowers. To yield different shades, experts used to dry the petals of vibrant flowers in shade and crush them to obtain the fine powder. By Kuhoo Gupta Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several other top leaders suggested cancelling all Holi Milan events as India saw

Playing games while eating may cut food intake: Study

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US evaluated the food consumption of participants on two separate occasions – one day when they played the game while eating, and on another day when they ate without distractions. Playing games on computer screens during a meal may decrease the amount of food a

Why you should start the day with Fenugreek (Methi) water

There are certain herbs that can help boost digestion and improve metabolism which when used in proper amount can accelerate weight loss, especially with fenugreek or methi. Aiming for an ideal weight is a constant struggle despite hours of intense workouts and strict calorie-restricted diets. However, there are certain herbs that can help boost digestion,