Here’s why you should drink tamarind or imli juice

For those looking to lose some weight, tamarind juice is ideal. It is has mild diuretic properties

Most Indians love the taste of tamarind. As such, it is available in many kitchens around the country. While India is culturally vivid and different, tamarind is one of the few things that is known to bring food enthusiasts across the length and breadth of the country together.

But more than its taste, tamarind — also known as ‘imli‘ in Hindi — is preferred because of its many health benefits. If it is not a part of your kitchen already, here are some reasons why you need to make the addition, and consume tamarind in its juice form. Read on.

* It improves digestion, and hence, must be consumed by those who have digestive system problems. For the overall health of the body, the digestive tract has to stay healthy. For indigestion, constipation, cramps and/or bloating, tamarind juice can come handy, as it is believed to have mild diuretic properties.

* For those looking to lose some weight, tamarind juice is ideal. As mentioned earlier, it is has mild diuretic properties, which can help you flush out toxic waste from the body. Fiber-rich, tamarind can make you feel full for hours, and can even help clean your system from the inside.

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* Tamarind juice is believed to be good for the skin as well. While externally we may apply many things, if we do not take care of the skin and feed it with healthy and nutritious food items, it may not yield the desired results. As such, consumption of this juice becomes a must. It is said to be packed with vitamin C, which can improve the texture of your skin.

* The juice is also said to be good for the heart, as it is believed to keep the cholesterol levels in control.

If you are looking to make this addition to your diet, consult with your doctor first, as they may be able to guide you better by taking into account your medical history.

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Tamarind juice preparation

To make it at home, you will need a little bit of honey, tamarind, water, and some ice cubes.
– Begin by washing the tamarind and removing all its seeds.
– Boil two glasses of water, and then add the tamarind. Let it stay for a while.
– Turn off the gas and sieve the drink so that the essence of the tamarind stays.
– Let the liquid cool down.
– Next, add just a little bit of honey for taste, and serve with ice cubes.

This drink is ideal for Indian summers and monsoons.

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