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Racism plagues the NHS and it's getting worse

At the end of last year, Dr Radhakrishna Shanbhag made headlines when a patient asked if he could have a white doctor instead of him. In a powerful interview, Dr Shanbhag called our national health service a jewel in the crown, but one that needs to take appropriate action to stop the jewel from being

Many mesh implants used by the NHS 'have no safety evidence'

NHS hospitals are using more than 100 different hernia mesh implants – ‘even though many have NO safety evidence and have only been tested on animals’ Investigation found English and Scottish hospitals have bought dozens of types There is ‘no chance’ they’ve all had their safety tested thoroughly, an expert said Many women are left

Glaucoma patients left to go blind due to delays for NHS appointments

NHS patients are being left to go BLIND because of year-long delays in getting appointments for glaucoma and other vision-robbing conditions, damning report warns Probe finds lengthy delays at NHS eye services caused by severe lack of staff Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch predicts 22 people a month go blind Investigation launched after mother-of-three went blind

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: It's time the NHS took insomnia seriously

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Insomnia destroys lives – it’s time the NHS took it seriously There is a condition that affects millions of people, ruining their ability to work and to form relationships, while dramatically shortening their life expectancy. Yet despite it being so common and so debilitating, most sufferers seeking help from their

Simple hormone treatment slashes a woman’s risk of a miscarriage

Thousands of babies’ lives could be saved thanks to a simple hormone treatment that slashes a woman’s risk of a miscarriage Progesterone for 16 weeks significantly increased chance of having a baby  Women with history of miscarriage who suffered warning signs could benefit   Experts called for NHS guidelines to be rewritten in light of the

Teenagers are being turned away by the NHS, officials warn

Teenagers with mental health conditions are being turned away by the NHS unless they have tried suicide, officials warn Anne Longfield said clinics were struggling to cope with epidemic of self-harm Her research found a third of health trusts cut children’s mental health funding She said that they are being turned away by the NHS