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Study tracks the spread of COVID-19 in Sweden

During the pandemic, the free COVID Symptom Study app has helped researchers understand the complexity and spread of the corona virus better. “The study has exceeded our expectations since its launch in Sweden in April 2020. Participants from all over Sweden got involved and many of them have spent one minute every day answering questions

Branding the jab: The secret weapon to increase vaccination rates

As the global race for COVID-19 vaccination continues, new research from the University of South Australia shows that the uptake of vaccines could be vastly improved if approved vaccine brands received more positive promotion and media coverage. Conducted by UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science, the study examined more than 2400 unvaccinated adults across three

The 5 Best Ways to Lose Weight After 40

In your teens and 20s, it used to be that you could eat pizza every night for a week without a lot of pushback from your body in the form of extra pounds. In your 40s, not so much. Maybe you’re even eating much better now, but weight is still accumulating. It’s usually not just

Which Tattoo Colors Fade The Fastest?

Getting a tattoo is more than just walking into the shop and going under the gun. The design, location, and colors that you choose will make the difference between a piece that looks vibrant and sharp for years to come, and one that fades into something that’s barely recognizable. One of the biggest mistakes you

Here Are The Best Kinds Of Mattresses For Your Back Pain

As many people age, they start to understand why their parents always complained about their backs. They get sore! Especially after waking up, your vertebrae can feel stiff and uncomfortable — particularly if you’re using the wrong mattress. According to Health, nearly 80 percent of Americans report suffering from back pain, either sporadic or chronic.

The 100 Best and Worst Cities in America for Mental Health

WITH THE GLOBAL-pandemic-slash-economic-collapse-slash-political-unrest of the past year, we’ve been thinking a lot about mental health. What it means; how we can improve it; and where people seem the healthiest. Our analysis of 100 major American cities factored in per capita mental-health-care providers, fit-brain behaviors (sleep, physical activity, no excessive drinking), deaths due to mental disorders

The micro-environment of breast cancer in three dimensions

Cancerous tumors thrive on blood, extending their roots deep into the fabric of the tissue of their host. They alter the genetics of surrounding cells and evolve to avoid the protective attacks of immune cells. Now, Penn State researchers have developed a way to study the relationship between solid, difficult-to-treat tumors and the microenvironment they

Andy Ruiz Jr. Isn’t the Heavyweight Boxer You Remember

ANDY “THE DESTROYER” RUIZ JR. is training at House of Boxing in San Diego in a black t-shirt that shamelessly proclaims Ya No Quiero Estar Gordo: “I don’t want to be fat anymore.” To further highlight the former heavyweight champion of the world’s sense of humor, the words encircle a drawing of a giant pig.

Why Music Can Heal The Mind

The subtleness of music as the single greatest form of expression known to man is perhaps why it has proven so elusive to point it out in society. The very fabric of our daily lives is usually denoted by the presence of sounds all around us. Yet, because sight is usually paramount due to the

Cancer may cause changes to the heart before treatment

Some types of cancer may alter the appearance and function of the heart, according to new research that analyzed people’s hearts before cancer treatment. An estimated 1.9 million people in the United States are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year, according to the National Cancer Institute. Having a history of cancer is linked

Chaperone protein imbalance promotes toxic tau buildup in the aging brain

Chaperone protein imbalance can play a significant role in initiating toxic accumulation of tau in the aging brain—an early step in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative disorders known as tauopathies, a new preclinical study by University of South Florida Health (USF Health) neuroscientists suggests. In humans, misfolding of the protein tau leads

The Egg Diet Might Work, But You\u2019ll Likely Crack

EGGS ARE a power food for any meal of the day, especially for breakfast. That’s largely because they’re high in protein, but also choline, a brain-aiding nutrient found in the yolk (you are eating the whole egg, right?). Eggs are so beloved that there’s a whole diet centered around eating them in order to help