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Natural treatment based on flour made with mealworms prevents diabetes

Scientists from the Bioreactors Research Group (BIO-110) of the University of Granada (UGR) have demonstrated that a natural treatment based on flour made from the insect Tenebrio molitor (more commonly known as the mealworm) can help prevent Type II diabetes mellitus. The researchers successfully obtained and identified peptides (molecules comprising one or more amino acids

Sunlight linked with lower COVID-19 deaths, study shows

Sunnier areas are associated with fewer deaths from Covid-19, an observational study suggests. Increased exposure to the sun’s rays—specifically UVA—could act as a simple public health intervention if further research establishes it causes a reduction in mortality rates, experts say. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh compared all recorded deaths from Covid-19 in the continental

More precise diagnoses made possible with whole genome sequencing

More than 1,200 people with rare diseases have received a diagnosis thanks to the integration of large-scale genomics into the Stockholm region’s healthcare system. This is according to a study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden that analyzed the result of the first five years of collaboration on whole genome sequencing between Karolinska University Hospital and

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Goes Into Labor With 1st Child

It’s all happening! Lala Kent went into labor with her first child with fiancé Randall Emmett on Sunday, March 14. Bump Album! See Pregnant Lala Kent Pregnancy Pics The producer, 49, shared a photo of the Vanderpump Rules alum, 30, being hooked up to IVs in the hospital via Instagram. She was pictured lying in

Updated guidance confirms crucial role of nurses for patients with acute ischemic stroke

As integral members of stroke treatment teams, nurses coordinate patient assessment and collaborate care among multiple health care professionals to facilitate the best possible outcomes for patients with acute ischemic stroke. Nurses also advocate for patients and their caregivers to ensure they receive appropriate information and education to successfully navigate phases of treatment in the

When should patients with dementia receive palliative care?

Patients with dementia may benefit from being referred to specialist palliative care—a branch of medicine that focuses on optimizing quality of life and providing relief from symptoms—but who should be referred, and when? A recent analysis of published studies on the topic found a lack of consensus regarding referral criteria for palliative care in patients