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Researchers recommend a clear drinking bans

At the age of two, children are able to distinguish alcoholic beverages from the other. Four is the first positive or negative associations are developing them to alcohol, the result of studies by 2017. In a new study, researchers have compared the attitude of parents to alcohol consumption of their children with their drinking behavior.

Water Check of Öko-Test: uranium, arsenic, pesticides – every 4. Bottled water is charged

Öko-Test examined 53 carbonated mineral water of the variety of “Classic”. Including water places of discounters and supermarkets, but also classic brands. The result: Twelve sparkling varieties contain questionable ingredients such as pesticide-degradation products, uranium, or arsenic. The German drank in the past year, 150 litres of water per head. 11.7 billion litres, according to

What has this to do Subway with Köln 50667 to

Subway is considered to be one of the largest Fast Food chains in the world. Now, the company operates in the Marketing of a new strategy and relies on the RTL-2-series “Köln 50667”. The result of this cooperation, can try customer now. How to do this and how you on your next visit at Subway

Heart diet On the five food and severe heart to stop suffering

Better than drugs: DASH diet protects against heart disease A nutrition study, which was accompanied by 4,500 people over 13 years, proves that a certain diet can reduce the risk for heart disease dramatically. In particular, persons under 75 years were able to benefit from the so-called DASH diet, the extra is designed to reduce

Only aluminium salts to reduce sweating reliable

After the quick showers on the armpit stripes and the Freshness remains all day: The promise of roll-on deodorant. Stiftung Warentest has examined 21 products, the most important criterion: protection against armpit odor. Check the Tester ordered twenty male and female test subjects to the lab and the other is not a painted one of

Fish guide: Which fish should still be on the table

Seafood guide: What is the fish still on the table: fish is healthy – nutrition experts agree. However, environmental organizations are sounding more and more Alarm: Many fish stocks are overfished. Certain fishing and farming methods damage the environment. FOCUS Online explains what fish you can eat safely. Who wants to eat healthy, frequently, and

It’s OK to indulge once in a while, study suggests: The body adapts to occasional short-term overeating: Body focuses on removing glucose to preserve insulin sensitivity in short-term overeating bout

Overeating has been found to impair blood sugar (glucose) control and insulin levels. A new study suggests that the duration of a bout of overeating can affect how the body adapts glucose and insulin processing when calorie intake increases. The article is published ahead of print in the American Journal of Physiology — Endocrinology and

Sustainability of plant ingredients as fishmeal substitutes

Substituting fishmeal in aquaculture feeds with plant ingredients may not be as beneficial for the environment as many predict, according to new research from an international team of experts. Manufacturers of commercial fish feed are increasingly substituting fishmeal — a powder made from fish — with crop-based ingredients in a move driven by economic incentives

Hot tea increases the risk of cancer

Hot tea can promote the development of esophageal cancer. Who regularly drink more than 0.7 liters of tea per day with a minimum temperature of 60 degrees, suffer a significantly increased risk of a Tumor in the esophagus. This was the result of a recent study published in the “International Journal of Cancer”. References to