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High blood pressure: the blood pressure without medication

Why it’s worth it to hold out of good intentions in hypertension Eat healthier, reduce weight, exercise more and give up Smoking – this is probably the most common resolutions made for the new year. For many people it remains, however, when you Make. The implementation of these resolutions can lead to better health and

So the Germans prefer to eat

Quick to prepare, healthy and delicious – when it comes to food, people in Germany seem to high claims. The least hold, however, shows a survey commissioned by the Federal government. So nine out of ten respondents that it matters to you when you eat on the health. Nevertheless, the dishes are ready according to

Technique boosts omega 3 fatty acid levels in brain 100 fold

Getting enough of the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA into the brain to study their effects on conditions such as Alzheimer’s and depression — which they have been shown to help — is no easy task. While supplements containing these fatty acids exist, there is scant evidence showing that these supplements actually increase

Could this widely used food additive cause celiac disease?

Myths about gluten are hard to bust. Intolerance, allergy, sensitivity, hypersensitivity. What is what? Celiac disease is none of these things. It is an autoimmune disorder, where gluten triggers the immune system to attack the gut. It is common, lifelong, and can seriously harm health — but nobody knows for sure what causes it. Now

Raclette-Pizza cook: how to

Raclette-Pizza cook: your oven has given up his spirit, but you have to promised your family’s Pizza? Try the Raclette-Pizza: Pizza by the raclette grill. FOCUS Online tells you in detail what you need to do for the alternative Pizza. The word “Raclette” has three meanings: It describes the full-fat cheese from the Swiss Alps,

Goose nice and fat!

This Quiz is to be published in 2012 for the first time. We have updated it and wish you a lot of fun guessing. You’re in a hurry? Here it goes with a click directly to the Quiz. Days before Christmas, the head is full – no, not with gift ideas, but with the food-To-do-list.

As a rule, can pain really shot?

Grapefruit Carpaccio with fennel Tartar and pistachio sounds like a refined Appetizer. Dishes like this should have a positive effect on the female hormonal balance and is about cycle and discomfort related to relieve. So it is at least in the book “Eat like a woman” by Andrea Haselmayr, Denise Rosenberger and Verena Haselmayr. Their

Raisins and sultanas: This is the difference

Raisins and sultanas: This is the difference: In the recipe for the biscuits, raisins are listed. In the supermarket you ask yourself whether you could not also take advantage of sultanas. Where is the difference? There is one at all? Or the color is just different? What is healthier? Or is both not too sweet?

That’s why diet coke is not better for your health than normal coke

Who loves Cola, Fanta and Sprite, but on his weight, pays attention, uses mostly sugar-free Alternative. US-experts now warn, however: Even the Light versions could increase the risk for Obesity, Diabetes and other diseases. Sugar-free, low-calorie Soft Drinks are becoming increasingly popular. They call themselves light, zero, diet or sugarfree. Manufacturers advertise that these drinks

How dangerous is a marathon is run?

You pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to race of only 42 kilometers: marathon number of years in the Trend, especially in the case of recreational athletes. However, a lot of track under-estimate the risks in the long run, Doctors warn. Now a study provides an indication of how much a Marathon is a burden

To determine your Body Mass Index

With the BMI calculator, you can check whether your body weight is in the normal range. The world health organization (WHO) divides the BMI values of adults, roughly, into different weight classes. BMI table (classification according to the WHO) Category BMI Under weight less than 18.5 Normal weight 18,5 – 24,9 Overweight 25 – 29,9