White and brown eggs: the color is created

At Easter it is again in (almost) all the rage: the Egg. Brown or white, cholesterol bomb or nutrient supplier – almost everyone has their own opinion on this. Popularly it is said that brown chickens lay brown eggs – but what’s wrong? FOCUS Online explains why chicken eggs have different colors.

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Even Wilhelm Busch has recognized this: "The everyone, wer&apos know;s also be, healthy, and invigorating the Egg is." On average, each German eats more than 230 eggs in a year. Especially in the Easter month, significantly more is purchased, such as the state of the economy to notify the Ministry annually. However, the consumption in the run-up to Christmas because of the baking even higher. What there is to know else:

Eggs are actually "healthy and stärkend"?

For a long time they had a bad reputation: cholesterol, calories, Dioxin, and then Salmonella. However, they contain important vitamins, minerals, Iodine, high-quality protein and Lecithin, which improves the memory and strengthens nerves. Because cholesterol only in the Yolk available, recommends the German nutrition society to eat more than three eggs per week. However, the body keeps in healthy people the level of cholesterol regardless of the amount of the supply was constant.

Protein consists of proteins?

Yes, but not exclusively. Because the thin-liquid egg whites – colloquially protein called contains 90 percent water. The Rest are vitamins, minerals and proteins, which are also often called proteins. The protein content in the egg yolk, however, is even higher than in the egg whites.

Yellow Yolks are dark particularly nutritious?

The color of the Yolk varies, according to the feeding of the hen from bright Yellow to deep Orange. In flavor, Freshness, nutritional value or quality of the changes, however, nothing. For a dark, consumers particularly valued yolk of the egg producers blend sometimes natural dyes – so-called carotenoids – in the green lining.

Why is the Yolk in the case of long cooking green to bluish?

The discoloration is the result of a chemical reaction. In the case of prolonged high temperatures-bound iron is dissolved in the egg yolk and migrates in the direction of the Yolk-edge. At the same time is set in the egg whites by cooking sulfur-free. Thus, hydrogen sulfide is formed. This moves in the direction of egg yolk and reacts on the border of the two Egg components with the iron to form iron sulfide. It is a green-blue egg-yolk-edge, which grows with the cooking time further and further into the yolk of the egg is formed.

Why you should eat eggs with silver spoons?

This is also a chemical reason for this: The hydrogen sulfide from the egg white reacts with the silver to silver sulphide, which stains the spoon black. Also stink is sulfur.

Why laying hens white or brown eggs?

The is genetic. Eggs can be white, brown, greenish or reddish depending on the color pigments are embedded in the calcareous shell. These come from special glands of the hen for shell formation is responsible. Red pigments come from blood, yellow from the bile. You have to mix, it creates brown.

Brown hens brown eggs? Is that true?

No, between Plumage and egg colour, there is no connection. To be able to from the appearance of the chicken on the shell color is close, you have to look a little more closely. On the skin the earring discs cloth under the ear. These are white when pure-bred chickens, as these are usually also their eggs. You have red earring discs, the shell is usually brown.

Brown eggs are healthier or more organic than whites are?

In the composition of the nutrients, the variants do not differ. Is brown organic eggs, in particular, with the habit of the consumer: connect white shells still mostly in cages. This assumption supports the poultry industry, by mostly brown eggs come in trade, white on the other hand will in bakeries, commercial kitchens and food establishments. Generally, in Germany there are anyway less white copies – seven of ten eggs, according to the Central Association of the German poultry industry brown. It was otherwise such as in many Scandinavian countries, Where the buyers preferred white eggs, so the Association.

If in Germany, the demand for white eggs, for Coloring rises – how it works, that more of them are in the trade?

At Easter there is no separate transition in the Transport of the poultry industry. More brown eggs come in this time tend to be in the food industry, and white in the shops. However, the demand in the trade is not so large that it required a large logistic effort. If you can’t get yet, no white eggs and more, can use in the supermarket just the cooked, colorful. It is now for the whole year.

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