Pesto, preserved – so it goes

Pesto preservation – how to: Pesto is regarded as a classic of the Italian cuisine. In this country many kitchens is the Pesto – only is not required for a meal is usually a whole jar of Pesto, and the delicious side dish remains. FOCUS Online gives you tips on how to make leftover Pesto durable.

Whether self-made or purchased in a supermarket – the right amount of Pesto, it has never been so good. In most cases, something still remains. And if you set it to one side and forget the nasty Surprise the next time you cook The Pesto, which has rounded the last menu yet so exquisite, the Pasta, now shows traces of mold.

The sauce is not edible and ends up in the waste bucket. But to the extent that it does not have to come. With various Tricks and simple means from the budget, you can make your Pesto durable.

In cool temperatures it stays fresh longer

First of all, the question of how long you have your Pesto, you want to keep that. For several weeks? Or an Italian pasta dish in the next couple of days on the dining plan? For the second case, it is enough if you store the Pesto refrigerated. At room temperature, the mold is formed much faster, and especially on hot summer days, it may be that the sauce is already after a few days, unfit for human consumption.

If you store the Pesto in the refrigerator, it retains its Freshness over several days.

With a layer of Oil to the Pesto to make durable

To make an old home remedy to Pesto durable Sealing with Oil. For this, you have to swipe the sauce in a glass with a knife, so that a flat surface is formed. On this carefully pour a little olive oil. The Pesto is cut off in this way from the air and also other environmental influences can cause no harm.

Of course, you need to set the durable-made Pesto while still cold. If it is stored in the refrigerator, it is still up to four weeks. Caution: it is Different, if you want to make homemade Pesto durable. Because here is the least-hobby kitchen preservatives to use, how they are to be found in the supermarket products. Therefore, it may happen that certain ingredients trigger in the sauce, in spite of cooling a fermentation process, the result is that the Pesto is already after a short time, unfit for human consumption.

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Pesto in the freezer, freezing

If you have a freezer or a freezer, you can freeze the Pesto as well. In this way, it remains a particularly long shelf life. Little tip: portion your Pesto is best in small containers. So you don’t have to thaw for every menu, everything, but only the desired amount.

To recommend very standard ice-cube tray from the supermarket. With these, you will have direct access to the right amount of Pesto sauce for the next pasta dish. And don’t worry, in spite of the cooling process, the Pesto has thawed, its taste, its color and its consistency.

Pesto can be stored by Canning

You want to make your homemade Pesto durable – for example, because you want to give it away on later occasions to friends or family members? Also there is a matching method that can be used to boil the Pesto very easily. In addition, it retains its Freshness for a particularly long time. For Canning you need:

  • sterile jars with lids and
  • a large pot with water

First of all, add your Pesto with a little lemon juice. This prevents the sauce loses while Preserving its beautiful green color. Then fill the sterile jars with the Pesto. Attention: you up a little space, the Pesto expands in the heat. The glasses are then placed with the lids and in the pot of lightly boiling water. After about thirty minutes you can take the jars from the water and let cool. Place it on the head. The Pesto is made durable.

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