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How to Decode Protein Powder Labels

The right jug has nutrients to build muscle. The wrong one has a lot of BS. Let us decode the label to help you make the best choice. Follow these tips next time you pick up a tub of protein so you’ll be at your muscle-building best. These options are also a great place to

Recreational athletes really need nutritional supplements?

Pills and Powders for hobby athletes are really necessary? Playing sports is healthy. Regular exercise can help to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and is helpful in losing weight. On a dietary Supplement to increase athletic performance, or other benefits to be promised, however, require not use. Almost every

The SEVEN signs you’re not eating enough protein

From thinning hair to flabby muscles and brain fog: The SEVEN signs you’re not eating enough protein (and simple tips for how to get more) Government says protein consumption should be 0.8g per kilo of body weight Despite this, countless people regularly fail to eat anywhere near this amount Here, nutritionists Rick Hay and May

Stop Eating Chicken Breasts That Have White Stripes ASAP

An animal activist group wants you to think twice before chowing down on that grilled chicken sandwich. A video by Compassion in World Farming is urging meat-lovers to learn about “white striping,” a muscle disorder affecting chicken breasts. According to a 2013 study published in the Italian Journal of Animal Science, the condition ups fat

7 High-Protein Snacks That Will Help You Build Muscle

If you want stronger muscles, lifting weights is a good place to start—but your diet makes a huge impact on your gains, too. That’s where protein comes in: the essential macronutrient helps repair the tiny tears strength training creates in your muscles, helping them grow faster. But while loading up on eggs at breakfast and chowing down on chicken

6 Signs You're Eating Way Too Much Protein

High-protein diets are all the rage right now. Protein does tonnes for your body, including helping to repair your muscles when they tear during exercise and supporting bone health and hormone production. What’s more, high-protein diets have been known to help women shed stubborn weight. “It’s a hot macronutrient because it really does help you

This Is The Best Lean Protein For You, According To A Nutritionist

Alex Caspero, R.D., is a registered dietician and the author of Fresh Italian Cooking For The New Generation. High-protein anything is currently all the rage. People love blending protein powder into their shakes and smoothies, noshing on high-protein snacks, and even finding ways to add protein to their desserts. But unlike other food fads, the high-protein craze is actually pretty legit.