Costco Is Selling 2-Pound "Cheese Flights" for $20 and They're Perfect for Wine Night

May we have your attention! Costco (the bulk grocery store that has gifted us with giant donuts, 7-pound Nutella tubs, and 300-bottle wine fridges) has done it again and pushed us into the future thanks to this glorious cheese flight.

🧀These #kirklandsignature #cheese flights are the best!! Now a new summer #cheeseflight is available! Only $19.99! These sell out fast and seem to be in select stores! Grab it if you see it! This was found in nw region! Perfect for #charcuterie boards! #costcodeals #costco

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It was first spotted by Instagram account @costcodeals, and appears to have five selections of cheese for you to fall in love with: Monteau alpine, cabot clothbound cheddar, red wine soaked goat (🍷!!!), 12-month-aged manchego, and duon herb hand-rubbed fontina.

Based on the photo, Costco isn’t skimping on the cheese—these look like giant hunks of your favorites— and in case you can’t zoom in on the deets, it says it’s 1.8 pounds of cheese for $19.99.

If you’re like “Yeah this is awesome Costco, but how in the hell do I know what to pair with these cheeses??” don’t worry: the packaging explains exactly what pairs with what: pinot noir with Monteau alpine, malbec with cabot clothbound cheddar, tempranillo with the red wine soaked goat, rioja with the 12-month-aged manchego, and chablis with the duon herb hand-rubbed fontina. Literally nothing is holding you back from having the wine and cheese night of your dreams.

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