Here's Where To Buy Similar Royal Wedding Cake Stands

The Royal wedding has finally happened, and if you’re obsessing over every flawless detail, you’re definitely not alone. Some people want to steal the dress or the hair or the shoes, but if we’re being honest, we were all about that cake stand that held their elderflower cake. We’ve rounded up the best lookalikes online if you want to recreate the royal wedding look yourself. ***Disclaimer: Prince Harry doesn’t come with the stands.

This antique, footed, gold cake stand is the stuff of our wedding dreams. It’s simultaneously understated, yet totally regal and opulent. Here’s how you can recreate the look yourself.

It’s the antiquey look of Meghan and Harry’s, with a little added height.

Use the bottom one to recreate the royal wedding cake, and save the others to display mini desserts. 

Absolutely fit for a royal—with the gold leafing to match. 

This embossed cake stand comes in four different sizes, depending on how big your cake is going to be.

Each stand is handcrafted and non-tarnish, meaning—no polis needed.

This one is slightly tiered, so it’s a little more dramatic.

Same concept as the royal wedding cake, but slightly more modern thanks to this hexagonal shape.

If the footed base feels to frilly, try this sleeker version.

From: House Beautiful US

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