Why, yes, Princess Diana did get Prince William a boob cake on his 13th birthday

Add this to our long list of reasons we love Princess Diana so much: For Prince William’s 13th birthday, she gave him the birthday cake of many preteen boys’ dreams — one shaped like boobs. Correction: “a huge pair of naked boobs,” according to former royal chef Darren McGrady.

According to InStyle, Princess Di was well aware of Prince William’s obsession with supermodels, so she decided to have a little fun on his big day.

It didn’t start and end with the birthday cake, either: She apparently invited living, breathing supermodels over to have tea with them.

“He was really into Cindy Crawford and he put a poster on his wall,” McGrady told InStyle. “Princess Diana invited three supermodels, [including] Christy Turlington, to come over and have tea with them. And when I opened my refrigerator door in the kitchen, she had actually ordered a cake with a huge pair of naked boobs — and that was just to embarrass William.”


McGrady continued to spill the royal tea, saying, “So the butler took the cake in. They all sang happy birthday, William turned bright red, and Harry said, ‘Wow! Can I have that cake for my birthday?’ So Harry was always the fun one. Harry was always the mischievous one.”

Can we trust McGrady’s story? Of course — he knew the family well, having worked for them for nearly 15 years. First, he served as Queen Elizabeth’s chef for 11 years and then as Princess Diana and the kids’ chef for four year until her death in 1997.

McGrady continued to describe William and Harry, drawing comparisons between Harry and Princess Di.

“Looking at the two of them, William is sort of very reserved and very deep like his father, and Harry’s the party one, the fun one, and he reminds me so much of the princess,” McGrady says. “Not just the fun side, but the way he is with children, the way he just finds it easy to be around children, and the way he reacts to all of the charity work, the incredible work that he’s done for the Invictus Games and things.”

And look at him now: He’s gearing up to wed Meghan Markle tomorrow, May 19. You can watch the wedding live on PBS and on YouTube on the Royal Family’s official YouTube channel.

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