How This Aussie Mum Lost 25kgs In 6 Months

Name: Angela Martin

Age: 39

Occupation: Stay at home mum

Hometown: Hobart, Tasmania

Starting weight: 90 kgs

Current weight: 65 kgs

What prompted you to start your fitness journey, was there a particular moment or realisation?

When I had my last baby (number five) I realised pretty quick after she was born that I needed to boost my energy levels to cope.

What was the first change you made to your lifestyle?

The first change I made was to start exercising with a friend. She’s also a mum of five and would come to my house and we would walk laps of the paddock together.

What other changes did you initially make to your eating habits?

I chose to stop eating processed food and sugar and started eating simple whole foods and started drinking lots of water.

What other changes did you initially make to your exercise habits?

I started doing BBG (Bikini Body Guide) three times a week with my friend and walking and doing Fitness Blender workouts off YouTube. I also trained myself to be able to run 5km again like I used to a few years ago.

How did your weight loss/fitness progress?

My weight loss started to happen straight away but I didn’t weigh myself until I was 10 weeks in and I’d lost 15kg. My fitness got better every week with my BBG workouts and went from not being able to do sit ups or any core exercises really to having a very strong core five months in. When I first ran I could only manage 300m but after 10 weeks I could run 5km in my fastest time ever. I’ve lost 25kg so far.

What changes made the most difference?

I think quitting sugar and processed food had a major impact on my success as after only two weeks it felt like a lifelong fog had been lifted off my brain. Being properly hydrated for the first time in my life was life changing too and great for my skin.

How did you feel during the process?

I was really tired at the start because I had a six week old baby that I was getting up for a few times a night but I very quickly started to feel inspired and energised and have felt that way the whole way through. I have more energy now as a mum of five than I did pre-kids. I also started to feel strong because of the BBG workouts.

What helped to keep you motivated?

My Fitbit was a great tool in seeing how hard I was working and watching my fitness level and run times improve also tracking sleep was really helpful. Having a workout buddy to do BBG with has been very motivating too. But the biggest motivation would be how much better I feel, I will never give that up.

Do you have any favourite motivational quotes?

My fave quote would be that I always thought I wanted skinny until I discovered strong.

What are your current short and long term goals?

My initial goal was to be my fittest and healthiest ever on my 40th birthday next September and my short term goals would be a daily effort to make my health my priority because I can’t look after the rest of the family without it.

What would a day on a plate look like for you now?

Meal one: Oats, milk, banana and cinnamon

Snack one: Almonds

Meal two: Tuna with spinach and salad and avo or poached eggs with spinach and avo on toast

Snack two: Apple with almond butter and cinnamon

Meal three: I Quit Sugar chicken drumsticks with sweet potato and greens

What is your current exercise routine?

I do Kayla Itsines’ BBG workouts three days a week with my friend we also walk together two nights a week and I run 5km once a week. So I exercise six days a week.

What achievement are you most proud of?

I’m proud of it all! Proud of making my health a priority, proud of how fit and strong I have become and proud of the lessons I am hopefully teaching my kids through this.

What advice would you give to others wanting to do the same?

You will never regret doing it. No matter how tired you are you’ll never feel worse after exercise and choose real food over processed every time because it’s simpler than you think.

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