Reese's Only Follows One Person On Instagram And People Think It's Hilarious

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We love Reese’s for many reasons — their candy bars, their ice cream pops, and now their social media game. On the Reese’s Twitter account, the brand follows over a 1,000 people, but on Instagram things are much more exclusive.

The peanut butter cup maker only follows one person — someone who we all know and love for her amazing acting chops, enviable style, and down-to-earth personality.

That person is none other than Reese Witherspoon.

So the only account @reeses follows on Instagram is Reese Witherspoon’s (@RWitherspoon). Genius ? #marketing

As Mashable points out, the shared name has given the two a fun rapport over the years, with the actress celebrating Halloween in 2016 with a huge goblet of Reese’s Pieces.

For me!? ?? #ReesesPieces @ReesesPBCups

Reese’s replied with a joke that they claim to have been saving for a very long time.

.@RWitherspoon How does Reese Witherspoon eat her Reese’s? WIT-HER-SPOON. ?#NoWrongWayToEatAReeses

Other Twitter users have taken note of the brand’s Reese-only policy, and responded with delight.

Lol that @reeses is following one person, @RWitherspoon ?

So the @reeses Instagram account only follows one person…Reese Witherspoon

So are we all gonna ignore the fact that @reeses only follow one person on Instagram and that’s @RWitherspoon?

This is incredible

@reeses is literally only following @RWitherspoon on instagram and that’s so funny to me

One genius Twitter user wanted to know when there would be a Reese Withersoon-Reese’s Chocolate joint effort, and now we’re itching for the collab, too.

How is @RWitherspoon with @reeses not a thing already?

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