This One-Skillet Chicken and Rice Dish Is Our New Favorite Sunday Meal Prep

We’ve just found our latest weekend food prep inspiration, courtesy of Kevin Curry over at the Fit Men Cook channel on YouTube. Curry, who gained a following while learning to cook, says that coming up with new recipes and experimenting with different flavors is a constant source of joy: “If something works, great. If it doesn’t, back to the drawing board. Even failure is a part of the learning process, especially when it comes to healthy, calorie-conscious food.”

One of the latest outcomes of Curry’s experimentation is this one-pan green chili enchilada chicken and rice dish, consisting of the following ingredients:

Speaking to Men’s Health earlier this year, Curry said that he’s trying to redefine what comfort food means. “The more you eat vegetables, and the more you incorporate them into your life, you’ll start to associate them with happy times and happy memories. You won’t think of a salad as “Ugh, that stuff I have to eat.” If that’s the food you go for at a party, or a gathering of friends, or when you’re alone at home during the dead of winter, that becomes your happy food.

One thing’s for certain; this cheesy, spicy chicken and rice dish is very happy food indeed.

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