To determine your Body Mass Index

With the BMI calculator, you can check whether your body weight is in the normal range. The world health organization (WHO) divides the BMI values of adults, roughly, into different weight classes.

BMI table (classification according to the WHO)

Category BMI
Under weight less than 18.5
Normal weight 18,5 – 24,9
Overweight 25 – 29,9
Strong Overweight (Obesity Grade I) 30 – 34,9
Obesity grade II 35 – 39,9
Obesity grade III 40 or more

Source: WHO (2008)

However, other factors also play in the classification of a role. Men, for example, generally have a higher proportion of muscle than women. Therefore, it is common to find tables, the BMI values to categorize in addition to gender:

BMI table (classification according to DGE)

Category male female
Under weight less than 20 less than 19
Normal weight 20 – 24,9 19 – 23,9
Overweight 25 – 29,9 24 – 29,9
Strong Overweight (Obesity Grade I) 30 – 34,9 30 – 34,9
Obesity grade II 35 – 39,9 35 – 39,9
Obesity grade III 40 or more 40 or more

Source: DGE, nutrition report (1992)

That is the question of the ideal weight however, is not the answer so simple, has been known since the late seventies. At this time, large studies have shown that the BMI values associated with the lowest mortality increase with age. This connection reads the table of the American National Research Council (NRC) of 1989, which is also common to find. It scales with increasing age, a higher BMI as normal weight:

BMI table (classification according to NRC)

Age ideal BMI
19 – 24 19 – 24
25 – 34 20 – 25
35 – 44 21 – 26
45 – 54 22 – 27
55 – 65 23 – 28
older than 65 24 – 29

Source: NRC, Diet and Health. Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk (1989)

The assignment of BMI values in certain categories, the experts argue, however, since time immemorial. Of a the BMI tables are in any case very clearly: The BMI is not the measure of all things. Some experts see in the BMI even only a simplified tool, that makes only for research and study purposes sense.

For children and young people’s own reviews, apply anyway. The reason is that In the course of their growth, the body composition changes frequently. Some shoot just rapidly, others grow more in the width. In addition, the muscle changes and fat percentage in girls and boys differently. Many doctors consult to assessment in addition to gender-specific growth curves. However, some Doctors warn, children in BMI categories, as the BMI can fluctuate a lot. A small growth spurt can cause havoc.

Beware of so before that, your ideal weight up to such stringent standards, after all, every person is different. In addition, the BMI says value is only slightly over the entire body weight. He takes into account neither the physique nor the distribution of body fat and muscle mass.

A well-trained athlete with large muscle mass can have fat for the same BMI as an untrained person with little muscle and lots of body. Judging by his BMI many a Boxer would be even obese. Today, you will know: people in which the bacon is distributed more around the abdomen, have a higher cardiovascular risk than Obese, in which the fat on the hip.

You look at your BMI, therefore, only approximate value – and you speak in doubt, consult your doctor.

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