You want to lose weight? 5 Morning rituals that you should avoid

1. To sleep a long time

Even if it means that we can be slim while you sleep, there is also a limit. Because studies show that Too much sleep is also not good. Researchers Damien Leger and Francois Beck, published 2014, a study in the journal PLOS-ONE, which proves that people who spend more than ten hours per night in bed, significantly higher Body Mass Index values (BMI) than those who slept between seven and nine hours. Why this is so is the subject of further research and is not yet finally clarified.

Our tip: at the Latest after eight hours out from the springs, and on in the day.

2. Without the light of day ready

As a further study from the journal PLOS-ONE suggests that people make in the morning at daylight, finished, slimmer than the, the turn in the morning artificial light. Already 20-30 minutes of daylight in the Morning have a positive effect on the body weight, the researchers said.

In their study, they were able to prove that the people let the morning light in their apartment, have a lower BMI than all the others – and regardless of how many calories you take per day. This is due to the blue light rays of the morning light, which synchronize the “internal clock” of the body are so that it is excreted to the fat combustion.

Our tip: open your eyes, curtain, day, welcome. Especially in summer it is so early bright, that almost anyone can get up in the sun light. Even if the sun is not shining, is not the tragic. Even with an overcast sky the radiation to come and signal the body to start the fat burning process.

3. The bed does not make

The American National Sleep Foundation has demonstrated in a study that people who make in the morning, your bed, sleep better at night. This means that you are during the day, well rested and fitter and better as a tired and well-rested people tend to get food cravings.

Our tip: The blanket after getting hit back, and unfolded to leave. First, if the bed is dried and cooled, it should be properly made, the duvet is plucked and pillows fluffed up. Who rises in the evening to a made bed, is happy anymore – and sleeps better.

4. The scale is not in use

Each of us has a scale in the bathroom, but Hand on heart: How often do you use them? There is a reason why we should have a daily weigh-in. Scientists at Cornell University have observed in a study of 162 overweight women and men for two years and found that those who stand daily on the scale, slimming, rather than others.

Our tip: Ask yourself daily on the scale and watch your weight. And although best in the Morning directly after getting Up and before Breakfast, then the measurement is most accurate.

5. The Breakfast skip

The a trust “in the morning like a king”, others need not more than a Cup of coffee, and others rates from the Breakfast. But a meal, and that skipping Breakfast is not a good idea – at least if you want to lose weight. Because an Israeli study shows that people who eat Breakfast, less weight gain than those who skip Breakfast in the morning.

The nutrition experts of the study recommend even a rich Breakfast with 600 calories to take, instead of a lean with only 300 calories. They argue that a rich Breakfast in the Morning will affect our entire eating habits to this day – and cravings prevents.

Our tip: diet expert Susie Burrell is of the opinion that the best Breakfast in the morning, between 7 and 8 o’clock be taken, should. The reason: “We must in the morning, take our body into the swing” and the metabolism boost. And in between is: always drink a glass of water. (sar)

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