Package deliverers and mail carriers are most often sick

More than 300 million packages to send to the Germans for the Christmas season – and every year more and more. That postman, parcel delivery and courier drivers are loaded in the run-up to Christmas strong, makes health noticeable: evaluations of the health insurance company Barmer situated, are Employees of the sector posted more often, and sick for a long time.

According to the analysis, accounted for employees of Postal and delivery services in the past year to 34.6 days of illness per Person. The average absence days for employees were in 2018, at 18.3 days. "Time pressure, Stress in traffic and changing weather conditions can Post and machen&quot package deliverer particularly susceptible to diseases;, says. Dr. Bernd Hillebrandt, country managing Director of Barmer, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. In addition, the Post would be – and parcel delivery service in direct customer contact and, consequently, diseases are more susceptible to contagious.

Häoften long sick leave

Letter carrier and parcel delivery companies, in addition, are not only more frequent but also longer on sick leave. The average Sick leave in the past year took them to 22.5 days. Across all occupational groups, compared to 15,1 days. The reason for the length of a Sick leave is also due to the particular physical requirements of the job. "A office activity can be performed, for example, even with a slight foot injury, while carriers in the case of a Letter, a longer Sick leave verursacht", so Hillebrandt.

A total of Sick leave at the mail carriers at 9.5 percent, this means: Of 1,000 employees is missing in the year 2018 a day 95 due to illness on the Job. The healthiest of health report software developers are, according to the Barmer. In this sector, only 20 were missing out of 1,000 employees a day. For the evaluation of the health insurance Fund has analyzed Insured the anonymous, out-patient diagnostic data of 9.4 million.


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