Parasite is unnoticed, every third German and changed the personality – Video

The parasite “Toxoplasma gondii” it makes in the cats comfortable, but also in many people. Yet he was considered relatively harmless. Researchers have, however, found out that he is able to control the human behavior. With fatal consequences.

He is regarded as a harmless cat parasite and affects at least every third person in Germany. The “Toxoplasma gondii”. The transmitted disease acute toxoplasmosis occurs in only one out of ten cases.

Toxoplasmen can invade in addition to organs and also the brain. To do this, you hide in cells of the immune system and overcome the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain actually against infections. With fatal consequences: The process can change the personality of a person. This has been confirmed by researchers in a study with 131 senior citizens.

Pregnant women should avoid the use of a litter box

Studies show that people with toxoplasmosis are diagnosed twice as often in schizophrenia as non-infected citizens. Is transmitted to the parasite through a popular pet: The cat. The parasite develops in the intestine of the animal, which excretes it through the feces. Then we serve people, often as intermediate hosts.

Felt a toxoplasmosis infection, makes and sometimes by flu-like symptoms. Therefore, it is for those Affected difficult to identify the infection without a medical examination.

Especially dangerous is the infection for pregnant women. This should avoid cleaning litter boxes if possible or during the wear disposable gloves. Despite the new findings, the infection is fight in most people, but with a simple antibiotic.

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