Why Turmeric Acid Is a Sure Way to Get Paparazzi Snapping Our Smiles

In the age of Instagram models and fashion bloggers, more people want to look their best whenever the camera lens shutter and flash. Getting the right pose and caption is as important as ever. However, no matter how well dressed for an occasion one may be, sometimes, the greatest asset in any photo is the smile.

Revealing a set of well-stacked pearly whites for audiences is a sure fire way to get hits and adoration. It’s the cherry on top of the cake in your clad ensemble. Truthfully, smiling is a form of art in itself. The models in fashion industries know it, magazine editors too.

The advent of smartphones has revolutionized modern telephony. Most of our gadgets come equipped with high pixel cameras. Thus, at any instant, a photo op moment can arise. The need to experience a rush of dopamine in our brains is the primary motivator why millions flock on social media platforms to share their pictures with the online community. The tingling sensation of compliments and praises turns into a craving that needs to be filled with each passing day.

Today, we analyze the essence of smiles and the cheapest, healthiest and most convenient ways to get the ever-essential pearly whites.

Brushing Our Teeth

Common sense dictates that regularly-brushed teeth are a must if we aim to keep our oral hygiene in place. The best time to brush teeth is usually about 30 minutes before or after eating food. Doing so ensures that our teeth remain healthy and clean enough. This is because when we brush before or after meals, we not only brush off the gunk from previous meals but also clear bacterial remnants.

Often times, once we brush right before meals, we tend to feel everything we consume immediately after to taste weird. This weird aftertaste is usually a result of the scrubbed off bacterial remnants.

Tip: After eating acidic foods and beverages like orange juice, it is advisable to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing the teeth. The reason behind this school of thought is that acids tend to weaken the enamel in teeth. Rushing to brush our teeth right after consuming acids can inflict further damage to our oral area.

The Power of Turmeric

Turmeric is a wonderful food additive. It blends so perfectly with foods like curries by bringing enhanced color and flavoring that makes them stand out. For eons, we have all come to associate turmeric with this sole function plus a couple of others. Incredibly, it turns out that turmeric is fantastic when used to whiten teeth as well!

Most of us buy commercial toothpaste looking to improve our dental hygiene. Some of us have toothaches, plaque, and yellow teeth and seek to achieve improved health and appearance of our teeth by making a purchase of expensive toothpastes.

Despite the condition of your teeth, using turmeric paste is always a good idea!

The truth however is that most toothpastes only serve us for short-term benefits. Some of them have come to be associated with causing damage to our dental health by contributing to several oral infections, brittle teeth, gum irritation, toothaches, yellowing of the teeth and receding gums.

Typically, when such incidences happen, the go-to option for most of us is increasing the use of toothpastes by brushing their much more often. Whilst this is done in good faith, at times, we further worsen our conditions.

Luckily, Mother Nature is always there for us in such situations. Today, it delivers a safe alternative in the form of turmeric. Truthfully, it seems like a far-fetched idea. Who would ever come to believe that the substance that makes mustard yellow is an essential ingredient in whitening teeth?

Homemade, teeth-whitening turmeric paste


All we need is one tablespoon of coconut oil, some peppermint oil and one tablespoon of turmeric powder. To make the perfect paste, we need to mix the ingredients properly. The next step would be to wet our toothbrushes and dip them in the mixture. From there, we should just brush as we would normally when using toothpaste. For effectiveness, experts recommend brushing our teeth with this paste on a daily basis until we attain our set objectives.

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