Kylie Jenner Felt 'So Gorgeous' for Her Post-Baby Red Carpet Debut at the 2018 Met Gala


It’s official: Kylie Jenner is back. The 20-year-old new mom made her first post-baby red carpet appearance at Monday night’s Met Gala, and her makeup artist is sharing all the details behind her comeback beauty look.

“We were all so nerve-wracked because it was such a big moment, but she killed it,” makeup Ariel Tejada tells PeopleStyle of her look. “It’s refreshing for somebody to walk onto a carpet looking refreshed and glowing and just ready to take on the event.”

The star, who wore a black strapless Alexander Wang gown, appeared on the carpet with a nude makeup look and a low-slung chignon, which was inspired by Wang’s desire for Jenner to appear as her authentic self.

“When the designer, Alexander Wang, reached out, he just wanted her to look fresh and youthful and as close to her natural look as possible,” Tejada says. “We just wanted to enhance her features, so it was kind of like Kylie’s everyday glam but a little bit more amped up.”

But while it may have been more understated than some of her elaborate makeup looks, Tejada says the look that he created alongside hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons actually took three and a half hours — and no, Travis Scott didn’t hang out for the glam session.

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“Sometimes the most natural looks take the longest,”  Tejada says of the hours before the event, which were spent with just Tejada, Fitzsimons and Jenner’s assistant, Victoria. “It’s not like we’re doing makeup for 3 hours straight, we’re laughing, we’re eating, we’re having a good time and just enjoying the process. That’s a ritual for us. We like to keep the energy centered and focused.”

And it paid off. Tejada says that when Jenner looked in the mirror, her first reaction was, “Wow, I feel so gorgeous.”

In order to create the “fresh and glowy” look, Tejada first prepped Jenner’s skin with the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base  and moisturizer, before applying long-wear foundation in shade Golden Natural all over. Then, to warm up her skin, he applied bronzing powder in shade Golden Light, focusing on the contours of her face, and created a yellow-toned radiance with highlighter in Moon Glow, which he says was a key aspect to the look. And on her cheeks, Tejada applied blush in Pretty Coral, also from Bobbi Brown.

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To create her shimmering eye shadow look, Tejada applied Jenner’s new Bronze Extended palette from Kylie Cosmetics, and applied highlighter on the inner corners to brighten and separate them. Then, he topped off the look with a few swipes of mascara.

And it wouldn’t be a true Kylie look without a Kylie Cosmetics lip: Tejada gave the star her plumped look using one of her original liner shades, Dolce K.

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