Demi Moore's Hair Is So Long, It Rests on the Table She's Standing Next To

It's quite common any year for celebrities to make dramatic hair transformations, but this year, with many of the rich and famous taking hair care and styling into their own hands, the changes have felt particularly drastic. Take Tiffany Haddish, who buzzed her head, or the several A-listers that colored their hair pink. Kim Kardashian even dyed her hair a firey-red (although it only lasted for two days). Others, like Tia Mowry-Hardict, have taken time to embrace their natural hair. Turns out, so has Demi Moore, who's been letting her crown flourish and grow to extreme lengths.

Moore has had long hair for a while now, but we hadn't noticed how long it's gotten until she posted this photo to her Instagram page.

The actor posed for the camera with her hair so long, it was resting on the table she was standing next to. Her jet-black hair was styled straight and parted down the middle. In the photo, she wears aviator glasses and an "I Am a Voter" sweatshirt. Though we initially admired those glorious inches, we can't put aside the real meaning behind this post.

Moore shared this photo on Tuesday, September 22, which is National Voter Registration Day, a day in which the actor was urging her followers to vote in the upcoming November presidential election.

 "Happy #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! If you haven't registered to vote yet, TODAY IS THE DAY. Take 5 minutes out of your day to register and make a plan. Now more than ever we need to come together for a more just future. Text VOTER to 26797 to register, receive reminders on all upcoming elections, and request a mail-in ballot if eligible. Quick and easy! Let's do this 💪🏼," she wrote.

As beauty editors, we were, of course, quick to notice Moore's hair, but we're also very conscious of the importance of voting. If you didn't register yesterday, take some time out now and REGISTER TO VOTE — our future depends on it.

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