Ökotest checks wrinkle face creams – and exposes false Anti-promise

A good face cream provides the skin with fat and moisture. Some vendors provide for their products, in addition to Anti-Aging effects in view. But can keep the creams that deliver what they promise? “Ökotest” has to advertise taken 53 creams under the microscope, of which 22 are products whose manufacturers specifically with rejuvenating properties. The auditor asked the company: what are the studies, the Anti-based on the promise of wrinkle? In addition, they were looking for critical ingredients such as petroleum ingredients, perfumes, Paraffin and formaldehyde.

In good conscience, recommend the auditor, only one product group: certified natural cosmetics. All 13 products with the best grade “are Very good” from this section. For natural cosmetics, particularly strict requirements apply. The manufacturer refuse from the outset to critical materials such as silicones and formaldehyde releasers.

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Eleven creams cut in the current Test, the “deficient” or “inadequate”. Including well-known brands, such as “Bebe”, “L’oreal” and “Garnier”. “We criticize the creams especially problematic fragrances, harmful UV-Filter, Paraffins, silicones and PEG Compounds,” writes “Ökotest”. The “Nivea Essentials day care 24 hour moisture Freshness” contained only cream in the Test aromatic mineral Oil hydrocarbons (MOAH). To the group of MOAH Compounds, which are suspected to cause cancer, include. The test verdict is therefore “Deficient”

Problematic Fragrances

In eight face creams, the Tester showed problematic fragrances. Hydroxycitronellal and cinnamyl alcohol can cause allergies, Lilial proved in animal experiments as reproductive harm. Two creams covered with artificial musk Compounds: the “Judith Williams cell activating day creamand the “Mouson-cream“. The Compounds accumulate in the human fatty tissue.

Mystery solved

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And as to advertising promises such as “reduces wrinkles proven”, and instant Facial smoothing”? “Ökotest” asked the manufacturer to make a meaningful study of the allegations that have been made. The Result? Disappointing. “For most of the products, the manufacturers provided us with any studies or they sent a full dossier,” writes “Ökotest”.

The completed and submitted studies, according to the auditors rather poor. In some studies, no comparative cream was used, others showed hardly any differences between the investigated products. No manufacturer was able to provide in the opinion of the “Ökotest” a proof that Anti-Aging skin care offers advantages over a conventional skin care cream.

Consumers should not expect too much of it, what provider to print on wrinkle reduction and Anti-Aging boxes, and the crucible, writes “Ökotest”. In other words: A good, cheap cream does it well.

To Test it go here. The results are free of cost.

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