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What I Learned as a 17-Year-Old Girl in Boy Scouts of America

Back in 2017, the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would begin allowing girls to join; in 2018, they announced their decision to remove the word “Boy” from their common program name. At the time, Michelle Harris, whose daughter Mackenzie Harris made history in the very first class of girls to join the historically

Boy, five, with ‘butterfly skin’ suffers ‘third-degree burns’

Boy, five, with ‘butterfly skin’ suffers ‘third-degree burns that require morphine every time he bumps his skin’ Jamie Cockeram has recessive epidermolysis dystrophic bullosa Slightest graze leaves him with ‘deep wounds likened to third degree burns’ Pain means he is dependent on morphine and a wheelchair to get about  A five-year-old boy with ‘butterfly skin’ suffers ‘third-degree