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The acceleration behind telehealth services

insights from industryChun-Kai ChangBusiness Development Manager of TelehealthAdvantech In this interview, Chun-Kai Chang , the Business Development Manager of Telehealth at Advantech, talks to News-Medical about the acceleration behind telehealth services. To begin, can you give us a brief introduction into telehealth and what it involves? Telehealth is a method of providing medical care remotely,

Type of Pollen Allergies

Skip to: How allergies usually work? Types of Pollen Allergies Diagnosis of Pollen Allergies How to Treat Pollen Allergies? Pollen grains are released by trees, flowers and other plans with to fertilize other plants of the same species. An allergy to pollen is one of the most allergic reactions is the USA. Studies show that

What is Dual-Energy Computed Tomography?

Diagnostic imaging has been a widely used tool in the detection and treatment of various diseases. Dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) is an emerging imaging technique that combines information collected with various x-ray energy fields. Doctor and patient in the room of computed tomography at hospital. Image Credit: Romaset / Shutterstock What is computed tomography? Computed

How to talk to your doctor about arthritis pain

Chronic pain can be excruciating, debilitating and hard to describe. Yet the best way to get the right treatment for the exact pain you’re experiencing is to put those symptoms into words, so your doctor can pinpoint a diagnosis and help you find relief. The Arthritis Foundation created a guide with suggestions for communicating your

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: It's time the NHS took insomnia seriously

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Insomnia destroys lives – it’s time the NHS took it seriously There is a condition that affects millions of people, ruining their ability to work and to form relationships, while dramatically shortening their life expectancy. Yet despite it being so common and so debilitating, most sufferers seeking help from their

Vaccine myths: 9 facts about vaccines everyone should know

It’s a daily routine for pediatricians: Promise a lollipop or sticker to a 4-year-old child in return for giving them a shot. Then, watch as they melt down and their parents chase them around the clinic. Even if the child doesn’t want it, the aforementioned scenario is not usually one that stops parents from vaccinating