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Man dies after eating bags of black licorice every day

A man in Massachusetts died after eating too much black licorice, which contains a compound known to be toxic in large doses, according to a new report. The 54-year-old man was in a fast food restaurant when he suddenly gasped, began shaking and lost consciousness, according to the report, published Wednesday (Sept. 23) in The

Mysterious new Virus in China: WHO convenes emergency Committee

The world health organization (WHO) has convened because of the new type of lung disease in China, its emergency Committee. The experts will advise on Wednesday about whether a health emergency, to call, such as the WHO reported on Monday. These independent experts will also recommend measures, if any, should be taken. The Chinese authorities

Man, 47, unrecognisable after three cosmetic surgeries in Turkey

Salesman, 47, looks unrecognisable after getting a hair transplant, eye lift and pearly white veneers during 10-day midlife makeover in Turkey Neil Greenwood, from Oldham, originally went to get pearly white veneers fitted But tempted into getting hair transplant because he’d been balding since his 20s Also had an eye lift to reduce wrinkles and

Man, 55, has his penis ‘reconstructed’ with Manuka honey

Man, 55, whose penis ‘split’ due to infected tumours has his member ‘reconstructed’ with Manuka honey after a skin graft failed Unnamed man went to his GP when his foreskin became too tight to pull back Benign tumours were found on ‘all segments of the penis’, causing it to split Skin graft failed, medics turned to Manuka dressings,

This Man Lost 185 Pounds By Falling in Love With Cooking

Patrick Eslick remembers the first time someone made a “comment” about his weight. It was in the second grade. Things got worse during his teenage years, not only because of his growing size, but also the realization that he was gay. Eslick started shying away from the physical activities other boys were participating in (football,

Viagra could make you colour blind!

Viagra could damage your eyes! Erection drug bought online leaves 31-year-old man with red-tinted vision (and doctors warn the damage is irreversible) The unnamed New York man took ‘much more’ than the recommended dose Doctors found his eyes were left physically damaged and couldn’t be healed The effects began shortly after the man took a