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The Best Essential Oils for Essentially Every Need & Person

Essential oils are everywhere these days, and that’s no surprise, considering they have myriad uses. Some people find they can help with ailments, like relieving headache pain. Others enjoy using essential oils in diffusers as an alternative to scented candles. Essential oils can be added into your self-care routine — try adding a few drops of

Every person has a unique brain anatomy

The fingerprint is unique in every individual: As no two fingerprints are the same, they have become the go-to method of identity verification for police, immigration authorities and smartphone producers alike. But what about the central switchboard inside our heads? Is it possible to find out who a brain belongs to from certain anatomical features?

7 ways to become the person who works out at 6am

Could you be that person who exercises at 6am? Experts share 7 tips that make morning workouts so much easier Just 10 minutes of exercise a day triggers a ‘runner’s high’ in your brain But most of us find excuses to skip a morning workout – from ‘I’m tired’ to ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ Anna

Shocking number of people who die from smoking REVEALED

ONE person dies every FIVE seconds from smoking, reveals scientist Scientist has revealed that a person dies every 5 seconds because of smoking Shocking statistics revealed as part of a talk on diseases related to breathing Three million died people due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2016  The respiratory disease is expected to become