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Sleep Better With The 10-3-2-1-0 Formula That Went Viral

There’s nothing that beats a good night’s sleep after a long day. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things in order to maintain a good health and life balance. Some people, however, have a really hard time getting a solid night’s sleep, and it impacts their mood, energy, and their ability to get

New mothers’ sleep loss linked to accelerated aging

When new mothers complain that all those sleepless nights caring for their newborns are taking years off their life, they just might be right, UCLA research published this summer in the journal Sleep Health suggests. Scientists studied 33 mothers during their pregnancies and the first year of their babies’ lives, analyzing the women’s DNA from

Could an ‘electronic sundown’ improve your sleep each night?

Welcome to Stylist’s Sleep Diaries, where we’re taking a deep-dive into one of the most important (and elusive) factors in our day-to-day lives: sleep. To help us understand more about it, we’re inviting women to track their bedtime routines over a five-day period – and presenting these diaries to sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan for

The Real Reason Magnesium Helps You Sleep Better

From powders to capsules to tinctures, magnesium proves to be the wellness trend that helps many people recover from daily stress. Furthermore, its relaxing qualities that impact countless functions in the body also aid in your system’s ability to fall asleep. Healthline reports that this mineral is integral in nearly 600 biological processes and, unfortunately,

Is lack of sleep disrupting your fertility?

Getting enough high quality sleep isn’t just good for your general health; it’s also great for your fertility. By Dr Anubha Singh According to the findings done by Philips annual global survey, lack of sleep is something over 30 percent of Indians struggle with and it only gets worse for patients dealing with the stress

ADHD Treatment

There is no cure for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Therapy aims to reduce the symptoms to allow for normal learning and growth of the child. Basic tenets of therapy include medication and counselling. Other parts of therapy include accommodating the child in regular classrooms and providing family and community support. Types of ADHD Medication

Neural Mechanisms of Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is an adaptive response that is of great benefit to all life forms. It triggers fear learning, i.e., survival instincts that alert an organism to its surroundings and the dangers that prevail in it. However, extreme anxiety that is inappropriate to a circumstance and is prolonged is a negative emotion, labeled as a social

Causes of Nocturnal Awakenings

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder, and presents in various types. However, sleep maintenance insomnia (SMI) is the most frequent complaint. Both the cause of awakening and the difficulty in returning to sleep are important in precipitating episodes of nocturnal sleep disturbances. Research seems to suggest that hyperarousal states, personality traits, and physiologically determined

Can Acupuncture Prevent Disease?

Skip to: A Promise for PTSD Patients Warm Acupuncture for A Restful Night’s Sleep Scalp Acupuncture to Stimulate Brain Activation in the Elderly The exact means by which acupuncture affects the central nervous system is unclear. The practice of acupuncture is widespread – both in the world, and across the body. It can be applied

How to sleep better in 2021

If you’re like most American adults, you’re not getting enough sleep. This could be the year to change that, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), which recommends adults get at least seven hours of sleep each night. A survey conducted in July showed that 85% of adults in the United States get

Preschoolers’ eating, activity and sleep behaviours were impacted during first COVID-19 lockdown, study suggests

Preschool children’s eating, activity, and sleep routines were disrupted during the spring COVID-19 lockdown, which may be detrimental to child health and development a study suggests. Parents of children (aged three- to five-year-old) due to start school in September 2020 shared their children’s experiences of the spring lockdown with academics from the Universities of Bristol,