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This Woman's Brain Tumor Symptoms Were Dismissed as Headaches

After 15 trips to the doctor for migraines, Beckie Hiley’s symptoms were still dismissed. The UK 19-year-old spent months dealing with crippling headaches that were completely hindering her from living a normal life—she couldn’t go to work or school, and she could barely keep food down. Despite her debilitating symptoms, doctors told her her pain

Footage shows surgeons removing 14 worms from a woman’s organs

Watch the stomach-churning moment surgeons removed 14 wriggling worms from a woman’s organs WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  The woman, known only as Sunita, was in such pain she could barely stand  She had more than dozen worms measuring 15-20cm each in her bile duct After being sent home with antibiotics, surgeons finally removed the worms  She