Costco Is Selling a MASSIVE Tub of Reese’s Pieces for Just $10

Is there any candy worthier of shoveling into your mouth at a rapid pace than Reese’s Pieces? Seriously! Whether it’s pouring a handful into my bowl of popcorn, topping ice cream sundaes, or simply eating them out of the palm of my own hand, I will never get sick of these little bits of happiness.

You know who gets me on a spiritual level? Costco, apparently! The chain has started selling a massive tub of Reese’s Pieces that, though large, will certainly only last a short while in my home. These jars were spotted by Instagrammer @costcodeals, who said that they come in at a whopping 48 OUNCES. Do you know how happy E.T. would be with a jar of this size? Probably very!!

Yeah, Reese’s Pieces are generally pretty available to us as a general public, but sometimes it’s the little things that thrill us because more than 17,000 people have liked the post about this massive jar of candy as of this writing. Take note, companies!! We just wanna buy our faves in bulk and we’re happy.

Of course what every Costco carries will vary, but this offering was found in Oregon. If you do happen to spot it, you can expect to pay $9.99 for it. Yes! Less than $10 for true peanut butter-induced bliss…OK, it might be like a little over $10 with tax. But still! Not bad for some serotonin, am I right??

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