Get Ready For Hanacure: The Korean Facial Taking the World of Beauty by Storm

We are all used to the many beauty products that grace our medicine cabinet as everyday essentials. But have you ever wanted just one product that could replace them all? Well, wait no more, as Hanacure promises to do just that.

This South Korean product is so in demand, it is practically sold out on every shelf. If you want one, there is a month long waiting list. The product claims to be an all-in-one solution to all beauty-related problems, including blemishes, wrinkles due to aging, hyperpigmentation, and something that everyone desires, elasticity. This miracle product even has an Instagram hashtag called #HanacureEffect, and fans are posting testimonials showing the amazing affects this product has had on their skin.

The Product Itself

Lotus Flower

The product is a face mask and has the consistency of a gel. The founders took the inspiration for the product from the lotus, a flower famous in Asia for its rejuvenating properties, and considered a symbol of purity as well as rebirth. It took its makers three years to perfect the product before launching it into the market in January 2017. The product comes with directions: apply the gel on your face once every week as directed. The promise? Age-reversing results after the first four weeks of use.

The Chemistry

It is a leap of faith for people to accept a product that claims to reverse effects of aging with just a 30-minute application of a gel on the face. So, how does it do it? The chemistry behind it is patented, and the two-part system is composed of a serum and a solution made of gel. Both the components are meant to be mixed together right before application, and the resulting solution is called “purifying compound”.

The solution, when applied, is supposed to brighten the skin, moisturize it, and also soothe irritation, thanks to the botanical extracts and peptides that are incorporated within it. During application, the solution brings in carbon dioxide from the air and mixes it in, creating what the company calls “OctoLift” technology. This dries the mask, causing a strict tightening effect on the skin, which is supposed to get toxins and grime out of the pores.

Does it Live Up To The Hype?

Women trying the famous Hanacure Korean face mask

Since its launch, the product has been sold out in all places, with fans gloating over how amazing it is on social media. Many celebrities, such as Drew Barrymore and January Jones, also back the product, putting it on their face and posting selfies on Instagram with the hashtag #HanacureEffect. Drew Barrymore claims that, after using the product, she was left with a face that looked 10 years younger.


Before applying the product on the face, the applier needs to wash and dry the face. Then, the two-step solution is to be mixed. To do that, take the foil peel off the gel bottle and pour in the serum. Cover the solution with the foil peel again and shake the container rigorously for 20 seconds. Then, an even layer needs to be applied on the face, hands, and neck (basically all the visible areas that you want to cover except sensitive skin such as near the eyes or the lips) with the accompanying brush.

After ten minutes, as the instructions foretell, the skin starts to tighten and is pulled together by the gel. Many users said they were shocked by the intensity of the tightening effect, which, according to them, is unprecedented in a home beauty product.

Lady Gaga is known to be a fan of the famous hydrating Korean face mask

Well, love it or hate it, this Korean product has instantly become a hit all over the world, no matter the gender, age or culture. It seems, these last couple of years, Korean beauty has taken the skincare world by storm. Especially with the famous ghost-like hydrating facial that filled all social media platforms with tons of ghost-looking photos of fans.

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