Setting up an office to work from home? Here are some hilarious solutions

Coronavirus is dominating all our lives at the moment, making it difficult to not only socialise but also to commute to work.

To limit our interaction with one another and safeguard our healths, those that are able will be working from home.

But not everyone is set-up to work remotely.

After all, most of us are used to using our tech to watch a bit of Netflix, do online shopping among other personal reasons, and usually from the comfort of our beds.

Eight-hour shifts can seldom be done while in bed though, as reiterated by those who are WFH veterans.

So if you’re trying to scramble together a makeshift office, please take inspiration from those who’ve recently been trying to make do with whatever materials they can find.

From ironing boards to blocks of loo roll (that’s where they’re all going, then), to trucks, to literally anything that provides the foundation to hold a laptop or desktop computer.

People have been flocking to social media to show their hilarious set ups and also some of their furry new colleagues.

Please enjoy and take note of these genius solutions:


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