A simple way to protect against cardiovascular disorders

Doctors again raise the topic of the importance of regular physical exertion, emphasizing that only the combination of proper nutrition and exercise protects the cardiovascular system from disorders. The results of the experiment, authored by scientists from the United States, prove that moderate exercise reduces the risk of heart failure as well as drugs.
Employees of the Buffalo School of Public Health conducted a large-scale study involving more than 137,000 women aged 50 to 80 years. At this age, the heart muscle weakens and cannot regulate blood flow with the same ability. But everyday short workouts allow maintaining the myocardium in working condition, scientific experts are convinced apothekegenerika.de.
According to the experiment, regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart failure by at least 25%. To protect the heart is not so much the intensity of physical exertion, as the amount of daily activity, the authors stated the work.
According to them, older women need to walk as much as possible if they want to lower their risk of heart failure and other cardiac disorders. Scientists say that walking speed is of no decisive importance at the same time, it is much more important to observe a permanent regime, to walk daily. Every additional 30-45 minutes of physical activity leads to a 9% reduction in the risk of heart failure, the researchers calculated.