Evan Bass can add 'lactation consultant' to 'erectile dysfunction specialist' on his résumé

We have been smitten with Bachelor Nation’s quirkiest couple — Carly Waddell and Evan Bass — ever since they didn’t, then did, feel sparks on Bachelor in Paradise. The hilarious fan favorites met in 2016, got hitched in 2017 and welcomed baby Isabella ‘Bella’ Evelyn in 2018. (Whew, nice hat trick, Chris Harrison! You got something right, though we’re still mad at you for Arie Luyendyk Jr.).

Bella was born on Feb. 15, and breastfeeding hasn’t been too bad according to Waddell, who spoke exclusively with PeopleTV along with Bass. “She nursed within 30 minutes to an hour [after her birth], which is crazy,” Waddell said. “Evan helped me with the nursing. He would take my boob and stick it in her mouth.”

“I was a fantastic lactation consultant,” Bass quipped. “I may be changing careers.” Bass also has three sons from a previous relationship, so this papa definitely has some street cred.

Baby Bella makes frequent appearances on the couple’s social media. Um, and they’d better keep that up, because OMG look at this divine creature:

Best friends (thank you @jadelizroper for this outfit! -Bella) (bow @zozubaby )

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Waddell also spoke of bonding with Bella for the first time. “While they’re putting her on me, [she] looks over at me and stops crying,” Waddell said. “And then just lays on me and doesn’t cry.”

She continued, “My mom said she had the same moment with me — that she was like, ‘Hi, Carly,’ and I just looked at her and she was like, ‘I’ll never forget that moment.’ I was like, ‘Mom, I had the exact same moment with Bella.’ It’s like she knew my voice and she knew I was her mom, and [we] had this instant connection. And then she totally calmed down.”

Seriously, we could live without all the Bachelor helicopter rides and roses and fantasy suites and mascara-streaked hysterics. The series has (unintentionally) birthed fantastic friendships (like the BFF bond between Carly Waddell and Jade Liz Roper) and some ridiculously cute babies — who needs romance after all?

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