‘I like that she'll take a knife and cut a guy,’ Bullock says of her daughter

When it comes to sibling rivalry, not even celebrity kids are immune. Earlier this week, actor Sandra Bullock admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her two children, Laila and Louis Bullock, have a sweet-and-sour relationship.

“There are moments when they want to kill each other,” she said, adding that her daughter, 5, is the one who would likely draw first blood.

“But I like that about her,” Bullock said. “I like that she’ll take a knife and cut a guy.”

Bullock also joked that little Laila, who was backstage watching the show and eating chips, would also be the one most likely to “steal the car” and get into trouble when she’s older. For now, she’s not stressing too much about the hypothetical what-ifs and is enjoying her kids’ differences.

“[They’re] very different, but in the best way,” she said. “He could use some of what she’s got, and she could use some of what he has. They balance each other really sweetly.”

This isn’t the first time Bullock has talked openly about her kids’ distinctive personalities. In a recent interview with InStyle magazine, she quipped, “Lou is super sensitive… wise and kind” and acts sometimes like a 78-year-old man, while her daughter is “unafraid” and “a fighter.”

It’s easy to see where Laila gets her tenacity from too. Bullock has never been afraid to speak her mind and defend what matters most to her, like her validity as a parent. And although Bullock’s children are adopted, she’s made it clear — to InStyle and all of us — that she is still their mother.

“Let’s all just refer to these kids as ‘our kids,'” she said. “Don’t say, ‘my adopted child.’ No one calls their kid ‘IVF child’ or their ‘Oh, I went to a bar and got knocked up child.’ Let’s just say ‘our children.'”

Word. These kids are in good hands.

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