King's son's dress is even kind of cooler than his mom's

Jaime King, you win mama of the week in our book. On Tuesday, the actor was on hand at the LA premiere of Incredibles 2 by Disney and Pixar. She strolled the red carpet with her son, James Knight, 4-1/2. The best part of this mother-son adventure? Both were wearing amazing dresses.

I love my baby SO MUCH!!! He chose my lipstick and dress with Annabelle Harron. To my beautiful husband, I love thee. The greatest creation has been our love made manifest in our children. #jamesknight #ifyoulikeitwearit #incredibles2 Premiere

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King captioned a social media pic of the event, “I love my baby SO MUCH!!! He chose my lipstick and dress with Annabelle Harron. To my beautiful husband, I love thee. The greatest creation has been our love made manifest in our children. #jamesknight #ifyoulikeitwearit#incredibles2″

“If you like it, wear it,” is our new favorite motto. King rocked a long red dress and white heels, and little James chose a magenta frock with flower and bow detailing on the collar (along with slip-on R2-D2 sneakers).

Superhero/Jedi/Great Human/Brilliant Actor Congrats @samuelljackson and to the entire cast and crew! Last time James Knight was with these guys together he was two weeks old on his first set! #theincredibles2 #frozone

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So many celebrities (including Olivia Munn, Charlotte Ronson, Selma Blair, Rachel Zoe and Lisa Ling) praised King for letting her son wear a dress to the big occasion.

“What a wonderful mom and human you are,” Ling gushed.

Instagram fans of King were full of support too (erm, for the most part):

“I’m speechless. What an amazing, loving, caring, perfect woman and mother you are. James is beyond lucky. He looks amazing and so do you. To teach him at such a young age to embrace his femininity and not see it as shameful…those are lessons that will stay with him throughout his life. I loved you before but now my heart is exploding. You are made of LOVE,” commented one follower.

Of course, there were also naysayers, terrified of “confusion”: “You look stunning as always. However I think it’s becoming trendy for parents to dress up their kids in different gender clothes. It’s like parents want to show how open and moral they are, but I think it will confuse kids. If kids discover that they that are trans as they grow up then of course support them but parading them in dresses at such a young age must cause confusion.”

Aaaaand then we have the grumpy old-school judgers: “Wearing a dress is not an accomplishment. That would be like praising a woman for wearing pants on her wedding day. Lmk when the kid does something praiseworthy – like train hard to win a race or show self discipline by memorizing his times tables,” one commenter huffed.

“The word ‘brave’ is used entirely too loosely. It’s so trendy to be ‘strong’ and ‘triumphant’. What a load of hot, steaming shit,” commented another, who must be a real charmer at baby showers.

We side with this commenter: “wow. you are truly one of a kind. i hope someday i can be the kind of mother you are today. this makes my heart soar. you are amazing.”

King, a mother of two, is married to Kyle Newman. They also share son Leo Thames, who will be 3 next month.

King has always been remarkably straightforward about gender and fashion as it pertains to children. “We have set limitations upon our children and babies, whether that be consciously or subconsciously. Somewhere along the line of ‘dos and don’ts,’ we relegated children into little boxes that are so restrictive,” King previously said to People when discussing her distinctly gender-neutral clothing line, Gardner and the Gang ♥ Jaime King Collection.

King added, “Somehow, the world decided that boys belong in blue and girls belong in pink and anything other than that is weird or strange and in some ways frowned upon — as if allowing a boy to wear purple or hot pink is steering them in the wrong direction.”

“This collection is vastly important because we want any boy that likes our dresses to rock them,” she continued. “[For] any girl that doesn’t want to wear a skirt to put on some sweet leggings.”

We love the whole collection, and we love King. Go, Mama Bear, go. All we see is one happy kid and one glowing mom — where’s the harm in that? And if commenters are “confused,” well… that sounds like their problem.

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