Oprah Winfrey's home is sacred ground, & Kaling’s kid knows it

It’s common knowledge that it’s Oprah Winfrey’s world, and we’re just living in it. In fact, even Mindy Kaling’s 6-month-old daughter, Katherine, knows Winfrey’s home is sacred ground. (Yes, little Katherine has already crossed off the lifetime bucket list item of chilling at Winfrey’s place.)

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kaling shared that her daughter’s adventure to Winfrey’s house got off to a rocky start: Winfrey had invited the cast of A Wrinkle in Time for a private screening at her home, but Katherine (better known as “Kit”) didn’t appear to be as stoked as the rest. This could, of course, be because she’s a tiny baby — but, hey, Kaling was concerned nonetheless.

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“She’d been really fussy, she’d been fussy the whole way. And I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, am I going to be the person that brings a screaming baby into Oprah’s cathedral of beauty and art?'” Kaling recalled. “And the minute we went in, I was like, ‘Katherine, please. Please. You have no idea how high the stakes are right now.”

As it turns out, Kaling needn’t have worried — Katherine immediately shifted gears and was all smiles the moment she and her mom entered chez Winfrey.

“We walked into the door, and her eyes went wide and she stopped crying — like she knew she was in Oprah’s house,” Kaling told DeGeneres. “And then she was just, like, coyly smiling and being adorable for, like, the next four hours.”

Moral of the story: The best way to calm a fussy baby is by taking them to Oprah Winfrey’s house. Life would be so much easier if the rest of us had this option.

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