You Need to See These Photos of Jessica Alba & Honor's Mother-Daughter Vacation

When someone is going on a fabulous vacation and they aren’t into the idea of packing you in their suitcase, following along on Instagram is the next best thing, right? This policy naturally applies to celebrities as well, so we highly recommend you check out Jessica Alba’s adorable photos of her mother-daughter vacation with 10-year-old Honor. (Spoiler alert: They’re dreamy.)

The duo "hit the ground running" when they made their first stop in Florence over the weekend. 

During their time in Florence, Alba and Honor hit up popular tourist spots, including Michelangelo’s David sculpture. They also made sure to eat plenty of gelato because, frankly, it would be a crime not to when in Italy.

They also took a cooking class in Florence — so if Honor grows up to be an amazing chef, we’ll know where she got her start. (No pressure, though, Honor; you do you.)

Next, the mother-daughter dream team touched down in Milan, where they ran into some slight avian-related troubles. It all started when they posed for a photo in front of Duomo di Milano cathedral (as one does on Italian vacations). No one likes being photobombed, but being literally dive-bombed — by a pigeon — is even more dramatic. 

In an Instagram story, Alba described the pigeon’s antics as "my nightmare," and I mean, same. (Seriously, did you see how close it got?)

"A real mofo pigeon tried to take us out," Alba added. 

We can’t wait to see where Alba and Honor head next — pigeons be damned.

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