The mulled wine formula: should be Why are they letting a Cup of the car – Video

The popular hot drink is sweet, tastes smells deliciously of spices and makes faster drunk than many people think. How quickly the mulled wine formula. With their help, you can roll over, whether or not it is roadworthy.

How quickly mulled wine, the mulled wine formula. With it, you can on the basis of the factors gender, weight and alcohol content to roll over, how much alcohol you have after a Cup of drink. In the case of women, in General, more than men, because the with 68 per cent a higher percentage of body fluid. In the case of women is only about 55 percent.

The alcohol in the blood depends on the sex

The so-called Widmark formula the alcohol from the amount of alcohol in grams, is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms, which was in turn multiplied, depending on the gender with 0.68 or 0.55.

Mulled wine is a Mix of wine, spices and sugar, and usually contains between 8.8 and 13.1 percent alcohol. The German society for nutrition, according to the 250 milliliters of mulled wine about 18 grams of pure alcohol.

So the bill goes

A man accepted a woman weighing 70 kilos. For a woman, the invoice looks like this: 18 : (70 x 0.55) = 0,46 ppm. The formula for man is: 18 : (70 x 0.68) = 0,37 per Mille.

To rise with mulled wine to drink in the car, so it is not a good idea. The alcohol limit is higher in Germany at 0.5 ppm, there is a hazard in the road transport, has, however, already at 0.3 ppm significant consequences.

The TÜV Rheinland has tested the effect of mulled wine. The Traffic psychologist warned: