The Popular Diet That Helped This Aussie Mum Lose 50kg

It should have been the happiest day of her life. But size-22-bride Ebony was secretly heartbroken as she married her soulmate David Saker in January 2016.


Five minutes before the wedding cars arrived, the mum-of-two’s photographer had captured a tender moment between Ebony and her toddler daughter Scarlett.

But when the photographer proudly showed Ebony the picture, it crushed her.

‘I didn’t see Scarlett in that photo – all I saw was myself. I burst into tears. I didn’t realise how overweight and obese I was.

‘I felt disgusted, I felt sick.

‘I started to try and take the dress off, I did not want people to see me looking like that,’ Ebony says.

‘It spoilt my wedding day. I didn’t want people to take photos,’ she adds.

‘We had a reception at home all catered for. When the ceremony was over, as soon as I got through the front door, that wedding dress had come off and I was covering myself back up again.’

Ebony’s weight crept up to 110kg after meeting David five-and-a-half years ago.

‘We ate a lot of food,’ she explains. ‘He was a very social type of person, so we would always go to people’s houses for barbecues or parties.

‘Everything we did revolved around eating.’

But self-confessed comfort-eater Ebony says that photograph was a ‘light-bulb moment’. Shortly afterwards, she discovered The Healthy Mummy diet plan and began having a smoothie for breakfast, utilising the healthy snack, lunch and dinner recipes on the page.

‘I was feeling full, so I was less wanting to snack, I upped my water,’ she says. ‘I started going to the gym two or three nights a week when it was quiet. At first I would walk 30 minutes on the treadmill at a very low pace, I couldn’t do more than that.

‘I felt so self-conscious I would wear a jumper and long pants, even though I was dying of heat.

‘I wouldn’t speak to anyone, I kept my eyes down.

‘I would do my half hour and get out of that place as quickly as I could,’ she adds.

‘I started losing two to three kilos every fortnight.

‘Once the weight started dropping off, it fuelled my fire to want it more, so I upped my gym and was going between five and six days a week.

‘I started pushing myself and going to the group classes, where I felt like I didn’t want to slack off or feel like I was behind.

‘I began to love going to the gym and doing exercise. It was good not only for my weight, but also for my mental health.

‘It would just give me an hour to myself.’

Participating in the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge has enabled Ebony to lose an impressive 50kg.

Now weighing in at 60kg, Ebony has more energy to play with her children, daughter Scarlett, three, and her two-year-old son Braxton.

‘I’m feeling amazing – it’s definitely changed my life for the better,’ the Victorian-based mum reveals.

This article originally appeared on New Idea. 

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