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This Carb Is a Weight-Loss Game Changer

Of course you’ve heard of rice and barley. Even quinoa and millet are a part of your healthy-eating vocabulary. But farro? Now that’s one grain that doesn’t get much of the spotlight, but it should. Though this grain isn’t gluten-free, the nutty-tasting carb is still a healthy whole-grain option for those without celiac disease looking to lose

Is Goat Milk the New Cow’s Milk?

Cow’s milk is still America’s most common choice, but if you’re one of the 65% of the population that has trouble digesting lactose, it’s good to have an alternative! You’ve likely noticed that soy and almond milk are popular substitute options offered in most grocery stores, but now goat’s milk is throwing itself in the ring

Things You Need to Know if You’re Trying to Lose Fat Fast

From diet programs to detox teas, so many products promise instant gratification when it comes to transforming your bod. But is it actually possible to lose a substantial amount of weight—in a healthy way—in the time it takes your online shopping shipment to arrive? Well, in her 20 years of practice, dietitian Lauren Harris-Pincus, has never met anyone

6 Signs You're Eating Way Too Much Protein

High-protein diets are all the rage right now. Protein does tonnes for your body, including helping to repair your muscles when they tear during exercise and supporting bone health and hormone production. What’s more, high-protein diets have been known to help women shed stubborn weight. “It’s a hot macronutrient because it really does help you

The Best Time of Day to Give in to Cravings

Let’s be real: You know that chowing down a big ol’ juicy burger, is not a good idea—especially if you do it more than once in a blue moon.  Fatty foods can increase your risk for a range of diseases, not to mention make you feel pretty crappy. But if you’re going to splurge anyway (because

Snezana Markoski Reveals How She Lost 10kg

Had she been asked to pose in a crop top and skin-tight leggings a year ago, The Bachelor’s Snezana Markoski would have flat out refused. Because it wasn’t only Sam Wood she fell in love with on the hit reality show: “I was eating Mars Bars day in, day out while I was in The Bachelor

Could Activated Charcoal Be Messing With Your Birth Control?

From teeth whitening to trendy dishes – activated charcoal is taking social media by storm. But recent warnings have highlighted some pretty serious health impacts of the edible. Activated charcoal has long been used as a natural remedy to flush toxins from the body – reducing bloating and even treating poisoning. It’s quickly become a

5 Keto Diet Myths That You Need To Stop Believing

The keto diet has been making its rounds through the diet-sphere, gaining traction and a lot of attention. As the dos and don’ts of the diet get tossed around, like a game of telephone, the message seems to get a little jumbled along the way. By the time it makes its way to you, it’s

The Postpartum Meal Plan Khloe Kardashian Is Following

Since giving birth to her first daughter, True Thompson, in April, Khloe Kardashian has wasted no time returning to her pre-baby eating and exercise habits. She was controversially given the go-ahead to start working out at three weeks postpartum, and now the reality TV star has shared the low carb meal plan she’s currently following.

Healthy Choc Chunk Cookies

Cure your sweet tooth without sabotaging your waistline. Ingredients ½ cup Cacao Butter 2 x 90g Well Naturally Chocolate Rich Dark or Creamy Milk, roughly chopped (or 180g 70% Cacao Chocolate) ½ cup natural sweetener (such as Natvia) 1 free range egg 100g unsalted butter, cubed 1 ½ cups plain flour ½ cup self-raising flour

15 Creative Ice Cream Flavors You Can Make at Home

Summer is half-dedicated to being out in the blazing sun soaking up the rays while they’re available and half about finding ways to cool off so you don’t melt into a puddle during those sweltering days.  Ice cream plays a crucial role in our cool-down plan of action, and while we promise we’ve done our

The Meat Replacement That Vegans Are Obsessed With

Poke? So 2017. This year, jackfruit is the trendy new food that’s about to be on tons of menus, say restaurant analysts. But, uh, WTF is it? It’s a fruit (obviously), but people are freaking out about it because it’s actually a really great meat substitute — which is why it’s popping up on menus as

The Popular Diet That Helped This Aussie Mum Lose 50kg

It should have been the happiest day of her life. But size-22-bride Ebony was secretly heartbroken as she married her soulmate David Saker in January 2016.   Five minutes before the wedding cars arrived, the mum-of-two’s photographer had captured a tender moment between Ebony and her toddler daughter Scarlett. But when the photographer proudly showed Ebony

What This Doctor Wants You To Know About Eating Meat

There are many health benefits of eating meat; poultry and red meat contain protein, vitamins and minerals crucial for the body to function. Red meat and poultry provide the majority of most people’s intake of zinc, iron, magnesium and protein with iron actually being easier to absorb from animal based products than plant based. While