This Is the Type of Pet You Should Get if You're a Healthy Eater

In the market for a pet but just don’t see yourself bonding with a goldfish over Game Of Thrones episodes? If you’re a healthy eater, you might want to consider a cat.

It sounds weird, but hear us out: A new study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science found that cats care a lot about nutrition. Like, wannabe dietitian-level caring.

In the study, scientists tinkered with cat food and discovered that felines don’t give a crap about the smell, taste, or texture of their food. Instead, they’re all about the nutrients. To determine this, researchers mixed up varying levels of fish, rabbit, and oranges in cats’ food and monitored how they reacted to it over several weeks. This is science at its best, you guys.

While cats initially were into the food that tasted better, they gradually ended up preferring the food that had the best balance of macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein) over the stuff that looked and tasted great. So, researchers concluded, “Our results suggest that macronutrient balancing rather than hedonistic rewards based on organoleptic properties of food is a primary driver of longer-term food selection and intake in domestic cats.” Yep, what they said.

In a nutshell, cats count their macros. Hey, they say it’s always easier to stay healthy with a buddy system, so… .

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